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Image by Jeff Ackley

 Projekt Kleine Engel 

Individual Funding



It all started with this child – her mother was
looking for a kindergarten place for her
daughter in October 2003. We got it, built

her own kindergarten for the mother of
three and supported the children.
Unfortunately, the whole family didn't
take their chance, despite intensive
sponsorship from Lengerich.


Came to the “Engeltjies” kindergarten
when he was just under a year old and didn’t
get anything to eat at home at the weekend.
He was nursed up and rescued in kindergarten
from Monday to Friday.

Image by Jeff Ackley


Talented footballer and top scorer at the age of 9.
He received support in all areas and was even
able to take part in a training camp in
Kamen-Mehler (Germany) and a
tournament in Johannesburg.
Unfortunately he gave up at the age of 15!


By the time he was 12, he had never seen a
school from the inside, was deaf and mute and
slept under the counter in his parents' bar.
Amon came to us in the kindergarten and was particularly supported by a sponsor from Frankfurt, and then went to a suitable facility for disabled
Kids in Windhoek and, in addition to sign language,
he also learned Braille and how to use a PC.

Image by Seth Doyle

Susanna und Melody

Susanna, one of many victims of abuse, came to
the kindergarten completely distraught and was intensively supported by us and a sponsor from Lengerich. She was friends with Melody
(AIDS orphan), lived with an aunt who took
good care of her children, but not Melody!

Both girls graduated from school with good
grades. In memory of the two girls and their godparents, the Projekt Kleine Engel
(appointed in a will) receives an annual donation.


After a stroke, she was paralyzed on one side
and after a few conversations with her grandmother, she visited a kindergarten. After a short time she
was referred to the C.H.A.I.N facility for the
disabled kids. The support lasted for over
10 years from two sponsors from Hannover
with visible success.






4 Kinder bei C.H.A.I.N

Partly severely disabled, funding since 2018 through therapy, payment of all costs incurred. Daniel, Gabriel, Tjimamutja and Patrina are doing well at C.H.A.I.N
and some sponsors from Germany contribute to the costs, nothing comes from the state of Namibia.

Nico und Moses

Nico, son of a kindergarten teacher and Moses,
son of her deceased brother and gift to her.
The project took over the school and taxi costs
(for a safe way to school) and the teaching and learning materials over 6 years, we were
supported by several sponsors from Germany.

Image by Jeff Ackley

Christa und Ramiro

Both children of a single mother, who is working
for C.H.A.I.N. since 2018.

Christa was and has been supported by a
godmother from southern Germany for
8 years and is now studying in Windhoek.

Ramiro has a sponsorship that covers all
school costs. Like his sister, he has good
certificates and both speak good German
thanks to remedial classes.


9-year-old girl (2023) with type 1 diabetes since February 2021, which is a death sentence in a
township here in Namibia.

A community of sponsors, of a veterinarian
from southern Germany, pays for the necessary
insulin and the project covers all other costs.
Christy is now very well adjusted and we were
able to convey to the family, that proper
nutrition is essential for the child's survival.

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