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 Projekt Kleine Engel 

Current projects


Twinkle Centre

2019 - now

We support this kindergarten mainly with donations for example (learning- and teaching materials, toys, furniture, clothes, various construction
measures, ....), since up to 80 children are
took care of in this kindergarten and therefore
financial support is not actually necessary.

Top Kids

2022 - now

We took over this kindergarten from the Projekt Okanona Swakopmund, because the leader moved back to Germany for a while. The owner Magreth has been running the kindergarten for many years, and only good things have been said about the project. We are confident and hope for a good cooperation.



2004 - now

The 5-years- rule does not apply to this day-care center because it is a facility for disabled children. These children need a special form of care and treatment and always need support. Lore helped with the planning, construction and fundraising and we support this project as much as we can.

O.C.P.D. (old EHAFO)

2009 - now

Since 2009 there has been a cooperation with this organization, which takes care of adult disabled people, including the 18-year-olds, when they
have to leave C.H.A.I.N.

O.C.P.D organizes wheelchairs, special seats
for C.H.A.I.N., also hospital beds
and walkers as needed.


Tears of Hope

2020 - now

This orphanage is relatively well established and Naftaline has successfully run it for many years. The Projekt Kleine Engel covers the monthly electricity costs and supports the facility with toys and food.

D.R.C. School Project & Community Centre

2013 - now

The D.R.C. School Project - founded in 2005,
also with the help of a large donation from Angelina Jolie - was initially only supported by us as needed, such as donations for the wall or the purchase of a
container for a library. Since 2015 there has
been a cooperation with the association
"Tangeni Shilongo Namibia e.V.", which has
owned the school project since 2022. We are very happy to see a good future for the
D.R.C. School Project.

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